Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back On The Saddle Again

It takes 3 weeks to make a good habit. And just about the same amount of time to lose one. Late June I hurt my back. One freakish reach and a 20 mile a morning bike habit evaporated in a spasm. For a solid week there was pain. Another week I nursed it. And the next... I kept reminding myself, each morning, that there was a bike and a ride waiting for me. That I had built up a morning riding routine and it was slowly slipping away. Being replaced by the completion of long term projects that had hung over my head for months and even years. Where's the harm?

The answer: In the complete lack of exercise.

I'm back on my bike. Starting slowly. First day 4 miles; second was nine. Today maybe nine again or maybe 13. The important thing is being back on the saddle again.

jeff noel at thanks for the reminder to get back out there, even when it's sissy slow.


jeff noel said...

You're welcome. :)
Children watch and learn from us, even without trying.

Patty Hebert said...

It was another 9 mile morning. Slow and steady...

Tammy Heffernan said...

Slow and steady is progress. Remember that -- you are doing it and really 9 miles is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats on getting back out there.