Sunday, July 29, 2012


Parenting is full of  prickly situations.

When children are little, it's a lot of, "Don't touch the stove. Don't touch the stove. Don't touch the.... you touched the stove..." And they learn, not by our parroting the same warnings, but by experience, unfortunately.

Next lesson allowance spending,
"Mom, I'm buying this $20 in candy."
"But what about spending money for vacation?"
"But I want...."
"It's your money," as I shake my head and walk away.
Then on vacation the tough lesson of, yes you got it -- No spending money. Two got this one, one is still learning. But I have hope.

And now, "Make a good decision. Make a good decision. Would you please make a better decision."

We are full throttle summer; full throttle tweens deciding to watch excessive TV. Why do I allow it? Why am I pulling my hair out? Why do I take deep breaths?

Because, and I'm hoping and praying, my parenting experiment works, that eventually, the lesson of time management will be learned the better way than by me sounding like a broken record.

Stay tuned.

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jeff noel said...

There is no teacher like experience. No experience without mistakes. No love without room to breathe. Best wishes for peace and patience.