Monday, September 24, 2012

How do you define busy?

I define it by the number of outfits I wear in a day.
Take today for example:

1. Wake up in pjs; a given.
2. Dress for work.
3. Come home from work; dress to exercise.
4. Finish exercising; dress to paint the outside railings.
5. FInish painting; dress to take care of cows.
6. Return from the farm; clean up and dress for a religious ed. training seminar.
7. Get home from training; dress for bed.


jeff noel said...

Wow, that's busy. Who's in charge of laundry? :)
That must be a full-time job.
You're watching someone's cows or you now own some?

Patty Hebert said...

For about a month now we have been helping at a local dairy farm where their calf population is experiencing a bout of diarrhea. I know it doesn't sound pretty, but its great work to be able to lend a hand and to care for animals. A blessing actually.