Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy 7th Blogiversary!

Seven years today...when I started this experiment I was writing essays for submission to the Boston Globe and other local papers. This electronic notebook was my scratch pad. An idea would pop into my head and I'd flesh it out here before sharing it for critique with the Nobscot Niblets writing group. Not too may photos were included in the beginning. Now I go for one a day.

Life has taken some twists and turns since then. Girls growing. Job changes. The blog entries got shorter, fleshing out religious Ed class themes rather than essays. We are caring for calves these days. They are truly loving animals. It's all life. Happy Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary - I hope you can go on for many more years we so enjoy reading all your bits and pieces, they are very thought provoking! A testimoney to the kind of person you are....our daughter. xoxoxoxo Mom

jeff noel said...

Happy official seven year anniversary. One day at a time adds up. We can use this to our advantage to do work that matters. For others and ourselves.