Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pain: An Interesting Regulator

The nurse called and asked how I was doing? Great was my reply. The only thing that really hurts is my calf. It feels like its one big cramp.

After giving me the warning signs as to when I should call the surgeon or visit the emergency room her parting words were, "Do whatever the pain allows."

So slowly I negotiated the two flights of stairs in our house with the goal of cooking dinner. Then calmly and with almost a sweeping motion I cleaned up the kitchen. Always listening to my leg. Pain here, a twinge there, reporting back that maybe it's time to rest. No pain meds, or with the goal to postpone them as long as possible. And to keep moving even if it's slowly.

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jeff noel said...

Stay healthy, have fun. Enjoy the miracle of slow, painful progress.