Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is it better to have loved and lost?

We've had our Chevy Suburban since 2000. It has been well maintained for its 195,000+ miles. But she is tired and it's time. Still I'm sad. She protected my Girl Scout troop when on a dark and stormy night in Boston on the way to the circus we were rear-ended. She has taken us back and forth to Florida faithfully, never breaking down on that 3,000 mile journey, multiple times a year, for 13 years. She has never failed us when put to the task of Vermont camping or lugging. Good and faithful.

So I'm charged with the task of finding us another. And I thought I had. It's a standard vehicle, nothing fancy. It has space for our children and for some of our stuff. After all it's not a Suburban. It's another Chevy, a Traverse.

And as I negotiated the deal and filled out the paperwork I wasn't filled with that new car euphoria. I was resigned. Of course no deal is done until cash and keys are exchanged. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when the same vehicle I selected to purchase at the dealership is listed online for the eprice $4500 under the negotiating starting price at the dealership.

My knee jerk reaction is to walk away from this deal and dealership. Leaving me with the sense I have lost two vehicles...  Stay tuned.

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j said...

Praying for a happy ending.