Friday, March 15, 2013

Not the usual farm job

As I walked up the Farm driveway, one of my lovelies walked out from behind a snow bank and moo'ed. Behind her was another yearling. Also free, also munching on some hay. As if being free and unfenced was the natural state of their affairs.  Not. There was a breach in the fence. And while the Calf Manager fixed the fence, it was my job to keep the calves from escaping.

My brilliant idea was to go deep into the pasture, call the gals to come to me and then rub and scratch and talk to everyone I could get my hands on. It was a real love fest. I kept telling them I only have two hands, but plenty of love for each of them. To which their response was to rub my leg, my back, my arm with their heads. Or they chewed on my boots, my jacket, my pant leg...

Being out in the pasture, petting calves, is really the best job there is on the farm.  And check out these beautiful red ears. She is a real stunner.

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