Saturday, March 09, 2013


This post is about yesterday and the 6 inches of predicted snow that really was more like 15. But really it's about God's Plan and me kicking and screaming.

No school... No driving... No work. All play. Until work called back at 9 AM and said the family of my clients wanted a wellness visit. Reluctantly, I said I would try after the storm, around 7 PM. All morning and into the early afternoon I watched the snow pile up and roads get worse. There was no way I would get there safely. It would take hours for us to dig out.

I called work. Spoke to the owner. Asked what the expectation was for the visit. Mentioned the family lives closer than I do. Mention my husband was outside shoveling so I could make this shift... For what? A quick 15 minutes after a hair raising drive? They had no answers. Would callback... But didn't.

I asked on FB. Resounding response was to stay home. Find another way. I agreed, but...

I went outside to shovel. Thinking this was insane. No one should be out, but I couldn't not go. I didn't want to. It made perfect sense to stay home. no one would fault me. But I couldn't.

So off I went in 4 wheel drive. Main roads clear. Side roads passable. Found a cleared parking spot; just about a miracle.

And my client... She was still in her pjs from the night before. No meds taken. Dirty breakfast dishes on the table. Dishes from yesterday in the sink. Having eaten no lunch. Surprised to see me. As it was dinner time and not morning. Though she thought it was still morning. Mentioned her husband was around somewhere... Maybe in the second bedroom. They live in a one bedroom apartment. Husband not there.

I got her a glass of water. She probably had nothing to drink all day. Fixed dinner. Promised and delivered a "horrible" shower, for showers are always horrible. :-) Afterwards sat and had a cup of tea over dessert. Did dishes. Emptied the trash. Called the son. All is well.

There was a need. God knew it. I'm thankful I listened.


jeff noel said...

Wow. Purple heart for valor.
The chilling details of their reality make God's call seem so urgent, in spite of the obstacles.
Amplify this to our entire lifetimes... what does that ask of us?
Great post.

Patty Hebert said...

The Purple Heart goes to my husband for getting outside and shoveling so I could leave. Even though I was whining -- yes whining, it's too dangerous. He knew I had to go, but never complained.

Also he offered to drive me over and wait in the car while I was with my client.

He is the hero.

tammyheff said...

God works in mysterious ways, glad you made it there and back safely. Kudos to your husband for making it possible.

tammyheff said...

God works in mysterious ways, glad you made it there and back safely. Kudos to your husband for making it possible.