Friday, April 12, 2013

And then there was none

Again, not too many details... It's a HIPA thing.

This has been a tough month. First a former client, dear friend passed away. And now both my remaining clients requiring more care than I can offer, have moved into a different facility. And as delighted as I am for them, for their care is all that matters, I do miss them. I find myself wondering about them. Worrying about them.

The human heart is not a faucet. Just because the office calls and says your assignment is no longer viable, doesn't mean you stop caring full stop.

And yes the writing was on the wall, for over a year... and still, it's hard.

I find myself thinking, what would I do differently if this business was my own? For with me, It's Personal. What is coming to mind is I would offer an exit interview of sorts. I would invite the caregiver into the office. Offer them a beverage, a comfortable chair, a smile, and give them the opportunity to talk about their experience with the client. An opportunity to unpack their heart.

Last week, in the mail, came an addendum to our work Handbook, a new page 24. It states caregivers are not allowed to share personal details and experiences with the clients. Label me a BIG FAT FAILURE. That we are not allowed to upset the client. Well that is a no brainer. But can we share our sunny days?

A caregiver handles the very personal business of the client. Establishing a happy common ground, eases the waters of everyday life.   My clients all knew I have 3 children. All girls, because my clients, took all the "good" boys. Alas I had to settle... :-) They all knew that I'm not only Italian, but Sicilian... God forbid. We talked recipes. They taught me Italian. We talked about family and who is married to whom. It was a comfort, not only to them, but to me. I knew my clients and they knew me.

Right now, I have no clients. And I wonder if I'm truly suited for this job. Can I keep it from becoming personal?

For the past several days I've been at the farm more. Undergoing calf therapy, an exit interview of sorts. Yesterday I thought one of the cow's was in labor. Today I'll see if we have a new calf.

I can talk to the cows all the time, tell them anything, hug and even plant a kiss on their foreheads. There is no page 24 in the farm handbook.

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jeff noel said...

Praying the serenity prayer may provide you the peace and comfort you so richly deserve.

God is always right there with you.

Right this very minute.

Peace and blessings immeasurable to you and your clients.