Monday, May 06, 2013

Last Class - Sunday

Being rather emotional, when very happy I usually am moved to tears. Can't help it.

Last night was the last Sunday night class. I gave them a quiz. They worked in teams; boys vs girls. The boys won!

We assessed this years flip top collection. WOW. A lot of little things can really add up. What We Do Matters

We ate ice cream.

Listened to music; prayed.

Best quiz question: Who are the 5 important entities mention in the Creed?

Answer: God the Father, God the Son, the Holy Spirit, Mary the Mother of Jesus, and I.

Summer assignment: Honor God. Honor your mom and dad. Pray about why You want to be Confirmed.

Next year is going to be bittersweet. I don't have one young adult facing Confirmation. I have 22 of them. Be still my heart.

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