Wednesday, May 08, 2013

There is a trust

Hello there my baby Rosebud

After the dentist we dropped in at the farm to see if Gigi had her baby, she had. A beautiful boy; a George. And as miraculous and wonderful as birth is the trust the yearlings have for us and the love we have for them is nothing short of a miracle as well.

Walking back to our car to go home we stopped by their pasture gate to say hello and good bye. Petting those that came over at the sound of our voices. Well they all came. Pushing at a chance to be touched, rubbed and kissed.

These are the animals we have worked with the most. The ones who we have nursed back to health when sick, cleaned up after when dirty, fed and watered when hungry and thirsty, and grown incredibly fond of over the past 8 months.


j said...

Very cool.

jeff noel said...

Very cool. Amazing what animals can teach us.