Sunday, June 02, 2013

Can you give until you smile?

 The expression, "Give until it hurts," came to mind the other day. I was visiting my former clients at their new facility and I was loving every moment of our visit. Loving, loving, loving. There were numerous kisses and hugs exchanged. We talked about their good old days. I was introduced as a member of the family. I'm their niece. :-) We spoke Italian. I was happy. They were happy. Life was good.

There was no pain on my part to bring them, and myself, some happiness, some laughter; to be company.

Giving doesn't always require pain and sacrifice. Sometimes all it requires is a smile.


jeff noel said...

Awesome moment of Heaven on Earth.

Patty Hebert said...

Out for a walk I met up with a young dog and her owner. I ask if the puppy is friendly and immediately she jumps up on my thighs, tail waging, eyes bright with excitement. After a few pats we head on our way.

But as we departed I thought that puppies joy in seeing me is the same joy I feel when I see my clients.

The puppy knew I would pat her, love her. She was excited by this opportunity. And I know my client will appreciate and love me. But add Mother Theresa's insight to recognize Jesus and distress and disguise of the poor. And think about His unconditional love.

It adds a whole new dimension to these encounters.