Sunday, June 16, 2013

When is special?

Back in February we had planned a multifamily combined Christmas, 50th birthday, anniversary celebration. The special menu planned. A bottle bought and chilled. Then the call came, the cancer. We planned again. Menu revisited, bottle still chilling and again canceled. Canceled now for good; but not to worry we will share the bottle at the next special event. Months fly by... The bottle remains chilled. For when?What's special?

Saving the bottle is like reserving the good china for really celebratory meals. A lifetime goes by; the dishes never used. Passed on to the younger generation to be stored in their cupboard, until that special meal.

Celebrate, use the good china, share the nice bottle. Live.


jeff noel said...

One of the most inspiring. Thank you for this reminder. We get busy. Well actually, we remain busy.

Gonna use the good China, if I can even find it.

Patty Hebert said...

We'll pull out greatnana'a china for dinner tonight too.

jeff noel said...

Heck, you got me thinking. Why not use the good china all the time? :)