Monday, May 19, 2014

And The Second Miracle...

A few years ago I was asked to knit a thumbless mitten for a friend's brother in law. The gentleman had a brain tumor and has had strokes that left his right hand deformed.

Of course I knit the mitten. No worries. Then last winter the call came, the mitten had been lost. Would I knit another? And of course I would and did.

Fast forward to the ride yesterday. We started early. We pedaled like fiends. I'm trying to sneak a Chevy Traverse out of a crowded venue and I have driven into a no car area, via the unblocked back way. My heart is racing. Anxiety climbing as I see two woman pushing a man in a wheel chair about 20 feet away. How did I get myself in this position????

As one woman turns I see it is my friend who asked for the mittens. I wave, yell HI. She yells back, "Put that car in park!" She runs over to the driver's door, and pulls it open. Throwing herself on me in a hug. We hug. We kiss.

She says, "I want you to meet someone." And I then know... The man being assisted is her brother in law. The other woman is her sister.

On the way to the event my friend had just pointed out our house to her sister saying, that is where the knitter lives. And her sister replied some day she wanted to meet me.

We shook hands. We chatted briefly. It was truly a blessing. My life is truly richer for it. Thank God.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love when wonderful things like this happen. The joy flowing both ways is so beautiful. Love this story, thanks for sharing.

Patty Hebert said...

Thank you Donna.
I thought you would appreciate it