Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of School

This is the only day of the year that the girls are ready to march out the door two hours before school opens. Breakfast eaten, dressed in appropriate clothes, backpacks packed to bursting their zippers, teeth and hair brushed. They are waiting for me to say those immortal words, "It's time."

As the school year shuffles forward those same words will be spoken to the back of an unbrushed head as it races to find the misplaced homework, or snack for before the 12:55 lunch slot. Whining will ensue... with the dire request to, "Help Me!"

Well that was last year. We've had a summer of growing, so maybe the smooth summer sailing will skip right into fall.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Party Is Over

Zuni Bear finished the LT. Camp experiences have come and gone. The tomatoes are ripening, and backpacks are packed and waiting at the door. Summer as we know it is over, and fall will officially be here in a few weeks. The party is over.

So what did you do with your summer? Was it fun? Ours was packed with stuff, mostly good, some not. We camped in the rain up at Lake Elmore. Rain is a good thing; even when camping. Life crawls to a checker game pace when it rains. When it wasn't so hot, there was a lot of walking. With the heat came, swimming. Cool nights brought out backyard movie nights, complete with popcorn. Kids home meant no stained glass or banjo lessons. Still the work progressed, albeit slowly.

We had a sleepover on the Cape. It rained; but that didn't stop the fun and games. A must have, quick trip to the beach was like being sand blasted in a washing machine on the spin cycle. I doubt we will ever forget it. The little ones have grown up so much, and showed me that they can amuse themselves without fighting. I so enjoy watching them grow. (I don't enjoy the fighting....) Observing them becoming the people they will be in life.

Today is our first Girl Scout meeting. We officially have a mixed troop of Juniors and Cadettes. Before it was an unofficial rag tag group; but we are on the books and above board, mostly, as siblings are included and welcomed warmly to our meetings and events. I admit I am not the most patient person in the world. Is this a gift? For whom? It frustrates me, and I wonder how this lack of patience serves anyone.

And religious ed starts Sept. 12th. We will start with a New Years party; completely with noise makers and poppers. My only hope and prayer is that we have enough time, energy and spirit to put together another quilt.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Jocelyn finished today. At 11:20 AM she stepped onto Canadian soil. Words escape me for she walked 273 miles for those who couldn't.