Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twenty-two years and... nothing... sad

Recently I stepped into a situation, while someone else was stepping out, retiring -- after 22 years. Twenty two years is a long time to be working at any one job; especially when it is community oriented. Their last day was yesterday and the powers-that-be offered them no more than a tagline after thought thank you via email. Twenty-two years...

Yes, there was tension and hard feelings. Yes, the parting wasn't the smoothest, but still, 22 years and really... nothing. No brunch, no flowers, no in office reception of coffee and donut holes to allow the business leaders they have dealt with for 22 years to come by and say, "Good luck."

It saddens me.


Tammy H. said...

And the world wonders why there is no loyalty...everyone wanted to think and believe that what they did someone.

P.H. said...

And what they did, did matter to hundreds of families in this community.

A cause for pause... We shouldn't take each other for granted.