Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Name is Ptcakes....

and I am a mean mother.

It's true. I am mean to my own kids and I'm mean to everyone elses. At least that is what my kids say. For instance, tonight at pageant practice, I separated two angels that couldn't stop hitting eachother. I asked another if his mother let him jump all over the furniture the way he was doing it in the church hall. He said, "No." Then don't do it here, was my advice to him. I stopped two choir members from balancing on the back of folding chairs. I said, "A black eye or a broken wrist for the pageant... not a good idea."

I admit it. I have a problem watching kids doing dangerous behavior and just letting it go saying kids will be kids.

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Idiot Cook said...

It's not "mean"; it's called discipline. And kids today need more of it.

I hate the "kids will be kids" mentality.

I get these "kids" as students in college--and some of them never made the jump from kid to grownup because there was no adult around to supervise the leap.

Don't change a thing, PtCakes...your kids will thank you for it some day. I thank you for it now.