Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Be Our Guest?

Look who came for dinner. Or maybe, Can you guess who needed a nice porch to birth and raise her 5 kittens under? Right, Momma. (One kitty is still tucked under the stairs.)

Despite their apparent appeal, our porch can't be Nobscot Feral Cat Central. It starts with six great cats, but pretty soon there will be 20.

Running errands yesterday I ran into Martha, owner of the local farm. I said to her, "I have a problem that I think you can solve for me... six feral cats."

Happily she will take them. They could use a few good mousers up her way. And the Hansons will take good care of them.

Thank God. There are no coincidences.


jeff noel said...

Great photo. Great story. Great message. Three for three. :)

Patty Hebert said...

Jeff, I thought of our earlier coincidence when this scenario was unfolding. Blessings.