Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Timely News

Yesterday was my eye opener. There are a lot of email chains and Facebook status on being thankful. We delete them. Some read them. We might even post. Yesterday was my eye opener. So much so, I'm repeating that sentence on purpose. For yesterday my love for my husband was laid out before me as we sat in the ER 8 hours finding out his intense pain is a kidney stone. Out of the blue. Intense crippling pain. The man who never complains about his health. Texted and asked if I could come home from work. Yes was my response. Heavy town traffic tested my nerves. Texted him to call 911. I had no details but to come home.

Later in the day the news of a fatal crash in a local mall parking lot and two serious crashes on major local highways snarl traffic for 4 hours. Life will never be the same for so many in the blink of an eye.

Each moment of each day, remember we are all winners. Embrace love. It can be taken in the blink of an eye. Don't blink.

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jeff noel said...

Glad this was not worse. In the moments young Chris experienced yesterday, life's priorities become crystal clear.