Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not so happy...

Normally or should I say before Friday I would wear my hat that clearly shows I'm a Catholic and not take notice.  I'm Catholic.  It's true.  Not a great Catholic but given life's ins and outs, I do try.  

But now that President Trump has put a ban on Muslims entering our country I'm not so happy to be
 labeled.  Actually I'm quite sad and rather disgusted. 

What are the numbers? 
How many Muslims are seeking refuge versus how many are terrorists?  How many hate crimes are committed by those who are of a Christian persuasion?  How many school and postal shootings? How many church shootings? Women's health clinic shootings?  How many Christians and Jewish people are seeking refuge?  

I want a hat that labels me as human, compassionate, empathetic, loving, nonjudgmental.  

Help me wipe out cancer.
Thank you,

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Unknown said...

Well said, Patty!