Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I have a secret

I'm going to share. Since August I have belonged to Weight Watchers.  Why?  Because I had noticed an unhealthy weight trend for the previous two years.  I needed to regain control over my eating and weight.  And my favorite clothes did not fit anymore...  I wasn't in danger of weight related health issues such as diabetes and heart disease but the writing was on the wall.  Twenty pounds gained in two years - 40 in 4.  

Act now. December 21 I was made a Lifetime member.  Since then I've been figuring maintenance.  This morning, the morning of Weigh In Wednesday, I woke up thinking I may have, for now, figured out my nutrition puzzle. 

It's life.  It's a charmed journey.

Help me wipe out cancer.
Thank you,

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations ... a significant accomplishment ... another lifetime achievement!