Monday, March 26, 2018

You never know

You never know how your actions truly impact those around you.  But we get glimpses.  Like this one...

After a town history lecture an acquaintance and past sponsor to my Pan Mass Challenge efforts came up to me to chat.  We talked about the event, teaching, work, the church, the girls and finally she mentioned the PMC.  She asked to whom should the check be made out. I said the PMC.  And thank you. 

For a while now I was thinking this is my last ride. It's a lot of work to train and to raise the funds.  I'm done.  But then this happened yesterday. 

A bit of backstory:  After the last two rides I place my ride pin on her husband's grave.  My post PMC ride takes me through the cemetery where I stop and pay my respects and leave my pin. 

Yesterday when we were chatting my friend mentioned that she took last year's pin "in" before the snow and she is waiting for this year's pin.  Truly I can't disappoint her.  

Help me wipe out cancer.
Thank you,

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