Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Goofy Riddle?

Twelve friends meet up in a bar. (Do you know this one?) Ten friends greet the one with glowing compliments: You look great. Love your hair. Great job. Well done. Good for you. Love you. And then the eleventh chimes in: You know, you are not nice, in shape, or even a good friend. In my opinion, just to let you know.

More often than not we give a smile, a nod and maybe even a thank you lip service to the compliments, and then poof they are gone. But the criticisms, we take those to heart. To be repeated in our waking and night time dreams, in living color and surround sound for an eternity.

Why? Because that one comment resonates with what we have been telling ourselves for years.

It's time to change the record.

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jeff noel said...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Inspiring.