Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Desk is a Mess

That is the understatement of the year, my life, the era. And as I look at the mountains of papers, books, pens, markers, and work that encroach on my elbow space it is no wonder my brain is a prime candidate for a good dose of mental draino.

I tell myself every stack has a purpose. Like the pile of writing books that are suppose to remind me I need to start looking for an agent. If I put these books away, will an agent magically appear at my door? Large advance check in hand -- bowing, and praising my writing skills. I think not. One of these days I need to spend some time among these pages and start the begging process for people with publishing power to read my book.

And what about the photography how to books? How can I get a better understanding of f-stop and depth of field if I don't read with camera in hand for experimentation? Mind you the camera is at arms length as well. Just waiting for me to pick it up and improve my skill.

At my left elbow there are enough CDs and DVDs stacked up to jack up a small SUV. I've been through them many times. Some are first and second drafts of digital slideshows that I've created over a year ago. I think a better system is in order. Final drafts get placed upon high with reverance. For the rest, it's the circular file.

There are 5 copies of my book that friends and relatives have lovingly read and commented on. These I cherish. For in these pages are the sweet secrets to my future success. Give me a clean flat surface, on which I can lay out these copies to harvest their ideas and suggestions.

The girls pile up art work on my desk. Paintings, beaded necklaces and bracelets, paper airplanes with love notes they have fired at me when I've been too busy working among the mess. Gifts extended for all the love and hugs that I lavish upon them. In turn I can't seem to bring myself to part with any of their artwork. But then, why would I?

The latest addition to this dig site are Girl Scout cookie order forms. I'm the cookie mom for my daughter's troop. I love this job. How could anyone pass up the opportunity to have 1000 boxes of girl scout cookies in their house? I couldn't. Thankfully all that is on my desk are the order forms. When the cookies are here they take up the living room and dining room and the house is filled with the sweet aroma of minty chocolate...

I read somewhere that a spotless, uncluttered, dust-free desk is a sign of a uninteresting shallow person. But I think having to burrow my way to the keyboard it's just too much.


Idiot Cook said...

Nice, PTCakes...Susan is right--you have the soul of an essayist...this is a good suburban diary piece, I think, almost as is.

Steve said...

Nice job, Patty. Andy Rooney would be proud.