Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today I will not blog

Today I will work on my book.
Resisting all ideas that miraculously percolate into my head.
No blogging on the art of placing a girl scout cookie order.
No inspired paragraphs on tadpole development.
Nor rants regarding the word hussy.
I will remain focused on chapter 8 and then move onto chapter 9.
I may get up from this desk to feed and water the children,
And taking them to school would be a good thing too.
Permission will be granted for greeting the FEDEX or UPS man.
After all he could be the bearer of good news.


Anonymous said...

Now I see how you get your writing done. You're up at the crack of dawn.


Idiot Cook said...

I love the feeding and watering the kids line.

Good luck! :)