Thursday, April 01, 2010

Madame Curie

My youngest has a biography project to do. This is the third time I have had the opportunity to learn more about an historical or present day important person through these projects. First was Edith Cavell. Next was Jane Goodall and now Madame Curie. All great women; all are wonderful role models.

Sadly though, at first Madame Curie was not well received. The stumbling block was in not knowing if she wore pants. Part of the report is giving a presentation as if one is the person being researched. My little biographer was not putting on a dress or skirt for anyone. Two days were spent in a sulk, then we found some cryptic quote regarding pants and being a Nobel prize winning (twice) scientist. A sigh of relief went up over the town.

We started reading her book two days ago. One chapter done and I said enough, we'll pick it up again tomorrow. Yesterday, 4 chapters later, I couldn't get her to stop reading. Every new fact is as if Madame Curie is rediscovering Polonium or Radium again, with my little one standing at her side. It is so exciting to watch a young mind absorb facts and almost vibrate with excitement.

I love it when the girls embrace learning.

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