Thursday, April 01, 2010

Who is your God?

I'm not stepping up onto a soap box here. And this post in no way will shove religion down your throat. But some recent events have me wondering... So I will retell this story.

Not too long ago there was a religious ed director who was trying to schedule religious ed classes sometime during the week to ensure the highest attendance. Sunday at 4 PM was chosen. But when the enrollment weekend came around, he could tell that there was going to be a problem. From somewhere in middle of the line, grumbling was erupting. At first the director couldn't understand what all the commotion was about. Then he heard, clear as a bell, "Stupid idiot scheduled religious ed., right in the middle of my soccer practice. You think he would know better."

The director's heart sunk. Soccer, again. But if it weren't soccer it would be hockey, baseball, basketball or swimming. Not that he had anything against sports. On the contrary, he was a soccer coach himself. The director peered down the line. And yes the vocalizer was another coach. The only coach who hadn't responded to the director's email regarding practice times. He took a deep breath and then let it out slowly. He would need patience for this one.

The line moved forward. And just as the man stepped up to the table, but before he was close enough for a civil conversation he blurted, "You screwed me this time. I need my daughter to play. I don't have a deep bench."

The director started to apologize for the inconvenience. But the other coach wouldn't listen. Instead he ranted on about the importance of team sports and how he had ruined his practice schedule with religious ed.

The director took another deep breath and then asked, "Who is your God?"

The irate coach was dumbfounded.

The director repeated the question, "Who is your God?"

Still the coach said nothing.

To which the director added. If my God gets in the way of your soccer, then by all means step out of line and make your way home. For your God is not here. He can be found being kicked about on a playing field, everyday of the week, including Saturday mornings and afternoons and now apparently Sundays at 4.

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