Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What to be when I grow up...

Is it a do over?

We are starting the college search process. For weeks, months, years actually, I have been very anxious about this whole period in time. Where to go? What to do? How to pay for it? Tough questions with not real straight forward answers.

Today we toured Wellesley. Two reasons we picked this school for our first tour:
1. It's close.
2. We know several women who went there, and all say it would be a great fit.

So we went. And truly it is a great campus. Well laid out. Relaxing landscape. Beautiful on the eyes, with outstanding architecture. Promoting phenomenal course listings and a wide variety of student activities and supports. So -- it remains on the maybe list.

But during the tour, of course we are not there for me, but during the tour I started to wonder if I were one of the lucky ladies attending this fine educational establishment, what would I do? The school's mission statement goes something like this: To educate women who want to make a difference in the world. If I were 30 plus year's younger, could I have been a Wellesley woman? Or has it taken my post undergraduate days to focus my desires?

I probably can't tease apart the two scenarios enough to concisely answer those questions separately, but after our tour I did say, "If given the opportunity to do it over again I would probably double major in International Affairs and Woman's Studies. With the goal of being able to improve women's lives worldwide, especially in war torn countries."

Yes, that is what I would want to do.


Tammy H. said...

It's never to late to learn - just two college tuitions at the same time would be a problem. ;)

P.H. said...

The Wellesley College promise is that a student won't be anymore than 12K in debt at the end of their undergraduate career. :-)

P.H. said...

BTW: UVM is on the list. But not for this week...

Anonymous said...

If she goes to UVM can you get in state tuition if you said she lives full time at the shack?

Love Bro,