Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cat is to Teen as...

We are cat sitting for a colleague. This is not abnormal or out of the ordinary. Usually our favors last a long weekend where we go over to their home daily. Observe food has been eaten. Water consumed. Waste produced. We then added to and scoop away where required but never observe the cat. No worries for she is alive and aloof somewhere in the house. Normal.

This time the favor is extending over a week. And for 3 days all was no cat observed status quo. But then two days ago the little lady appeared. Chatting up a storm. I let her rub against my legs. Reached down and petted her head, but no more for this is the I don't want to be touched cat.

Two days ago she nearly tripped me moving between the still quite full food bowl and the sink. Stopping mid step I rubbed her about the ears. Her little purr engine was fully engaged. Interesting I thought. For this is not the cat we know.

Last night instead of feeding, watering and scooping first I sat on the couch. Seconds later the little lady was up in my lap. Allowing me to pet and hold her. Rub and cozy.

We sat there 30 minutes until she, after depositing a lifetime's worth of fur on my clothes, got up and moved to the neighboring chair. Then looking at me sent the clear message food was now desired.

The similarities between teens and cats is quite astounding.

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