Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Fraud?

This post was written to remind me of what matters. Maybe it can help you too.

While slowly taking on a hill, a cyclist stormed up behind me and then proceeded to pass me and my efforts as if I was standing still. There I was riding an excellent bike, wearing all the correct clothes, pedaling as hard as I could and whoosh; without even knowing the guy, the wind left my sails.

Did I belong out there? Slow... Could I really tell people that I love to ride after being pants so effortlessly? The guy wasn't even breathing hard.... Part of me felt like hanging up the fancy clip in shoes right then and there. Was I a fraud? Thankfully I was several miles from home to think about bike riding and the only person it should matter to, me.

The bike. She is a beauty and picked not for her sleekness but for her gentleness on my knees. She is a joy to pedal. I do love her, even though, right now, that knee twinges. No fault of the bike as I probably worked out too hard last night.

The clothes. Really would I wear such clothes if not functional? Tights or shorts? Shirt with back pockets for holding phone, shoes covers, etc... No. The clothes are required for functionality, comfort and warmth. I am looking forward to long fall rides.

A fraud? No. Just an old lady refusing to quit.


jeff noel said...

And so it goes. Another day with a much greater than average temptation to quit.

And another mark in Patty's win column for days not quitting.

Patty, if you had ever intended on giving up on your wellness dream, you would have spent your money on a nice couch instead of a nice bike.

Keep enjoying your victories, and your rides.

Stay healthy, have fun.

Patty Hebert said...

Thank you for your comment. I draw immense strength from your 5 daily blogs. Today, I will not quit. Tomorrow is looking strong too. Blessings to you and yours.

jeff noel said...

The balance and interconnectedness is astonishing.

As is our determination to make the most of each day given to us.

What happened yesterday and what happens tomorrow are heavily influenced by what happens today.