Monday, September 23, 2013

God provides.

I went to visit my former Italian couple clients. It had been a good three weeks or more since I had the time to visit them at their facility. What would we talk about? What would we do? We would visit.

The dear wife was in bed. I woke her gently by whispering in her dialect, "Get up! You die in bed!" It might seem crass but she chuckled. Knowing it was our inside joke to use her own mother's words to start the rise and shine process. Alicia didn't rise but instead I sat on the side of her bed and got an Italian refresher lesson for 45 minutes. She started to tire. I told her I loved her. Kissed her and went to find her husband in the common room.

Gaetano was in his chair. He recognized me but my name escaped him. No worries dear friend; but he doesn't converse much now. Seemingly lost in dementia. So what to talk about?

"Dear friend, I have picked up the banjo again."


"Yes, and I even recorded some music on my phone. Would you like to hear it?"

We did. He nodded with the beat. We listened twice and he offered me a music teacher's encouragement talking for almost twenty minutes.

So really who benefited from the visit the most?

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Anonymous said...

great to hear you picked up the banjo again! i always loved listening to it(: