Thursday, June 08, 2006

I need to write

I need to write. Almost as much as I need to breath.

I finished the sixth draft of Forever Yours, (THANK YOU MBY -- for your wonderful comments and corrections), and sent it off yet again to be turned into spiral bound hard copy for my writing buddies and the curious. There are some people who wonder about what I've been up to when I tell them, "I've been writing." Maybe they are surprised I could push aside my adult A.D.D. (or is it early onset old age) to write one page nevermind 178 of them. (MBY: Note the numbers, thanks for the tip.)

But the book is gone again, and I'm in a writing hole. Kind of like the feeling you get on the last day of school. Or at least I got on those last days, way back when, wondering -- What do I do now?

Believe me, I would rather be writing that wallowing hip deep in laundry, with a basement ceiling system half installed, the kitchen tiling half completed, the veggie garden almost started, (but it's been raining so I take no blame for that), and quizzing the oldest on the Constitution. On the bright side, I have learned so much, or should it be, relearned so much from all the early morning quiz sessions over the years.

As far as the writing is concerned, I have started a submission for My essay is on preparing for the future. It's a tough assignment, but then that makes it a good writing exercise. My mind is all over the place. I need to focus. So I'll finish the tiling that is staring me in the face, (well at the back of my head), and then hit the skirt submission... dam the laundry.


Idiot Cook said...

Congrats on the revision...AND I seem to recall your saying that you had been noodling with an idea for a second novel...hmm...after the submission, it might be time to start working on Book 2.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching another milestone, my multi-published friend!
Good luck with that tough-to-crack skirt!