Saturday, June 24, 2006

Seven Servicemen Accused Of Killing Iraqi Civilian

Call me slow or dim-witted, but the last time I checked we are engaged in a war. And in war, both sides attempt to persuade the other that they are indeed correct, and unfortunately, sometimes somebody gets killed. Whether it be the enemy, us, civilians, bystanders, it's always unfortunate.

BUT, what is wrong with this country? Why are we so quick to point the finger at our own heroes and worse to hang them out to dry? In this latest attrocity we are trashing seven servicemen for killing an Iraqi civilian. According to a recent communication with his family Sgt. Hutchins of Plymouth, MA stated that what happened is not what is being reported in the media. Regardless, he and six other defenders of our freedom are being held in a California military prison. And at some point they will have their day in court. But until then, their names and reputations will be dragged through the media mud. Being treated no better than a mugger or felon.

So all you out there contemplating defending this wonderful country remember we send our beloved troops overseas. Tell them to defend freedom, root out that enemy, spread democracy throughout the lands. However, in situations that for one reason or another are questionable we will abandon you.

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DawnApril said...

Don't even get me started. I don't know what happened to the Corps since I was there, but we NEVER disagreed except in private. To the public? To subordinates? United front. It's called Esprit de FUCKING Corps, and I was so DISGUSTED to hear the press release from the new Commandant that I wanted to cry. Chesty Puller is doing freaking backflips in his rgave. It's a sad day for the Corps.

Anonymous said...

Some powerful writing here, PtCakes.

How are the chapter summaries coming along?