Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have been faced with the daunting task of painting our kitchen since the fall. The job is so big, that it boggled my mind. I couldn't imagine getting paint into the pencil thin walls between the window trim and cabinets, so I didn't paint. Nine months later and I am still looking at plaster. In other words the painting fairy didn't grace us with her presence.

So I changed the rules. No need to paint the entire room at once. Do one section, one wall at a time. To test out this approach I painted the wall on either side of the tiling I just installed behind the stove. In one day, I sanded the plaster, filled in a few holes, sanded again, taped, primed and painted -- two coats. One easy wall under my belt, three difficult walls to go.

Difficult, how you ask. Difficult because they are behind the refrigerator, (I am a weakling), require fine taping for those tight areas, or scaffolding is involved. So today, I am painting the 18" by 24" wall area behind my laptop. It's sanded and primed, and in three hours it will have its first coat of paint. It's a goal I can achieve.

I've also been painting the kitchen and stairway trim. Again setting realistic goals. Yesterday I painted the trim around the bathroom door, and the mudroom archway. And last night and this morning I painted the risers and trim on half of the stairs leading to the basement.

Still with all this work I can't see the end of this job. But I sooth myself with the mantra that each brush stroke brings me closer to the end

Brush On!


Idiot Cook said...

Hey, congrats on making progress. I look forward to my rain check of coffee with you and Big Mama where I can check out your handiwork up close and personl! :)

Now go write a chapter summary! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

I'm hopeless at home projects. I dump them all on Iggy's shoulders.