Wednesday, June 21, 2006

STOP the brush, I want to get off...

Crazy, crazy, crazy...

I have discovered a new law of home repair physics. The more you paint, the more painting you have to do. I know, this seems the opposite of what you would normally think. But physics and painting are not normal. And I would know these things. Being a biophysist in a previous life, and currently -- a painter.

I have four painting projects going on simultaneously. All in various stages of completeness. There is the basement stair trim. That job just got its second coat of white paint. Hopefully it is its last, but that depends on coverage. Light areas get a third coat touch up.

The vanity cabinet doors is second. The vanity got painted last fall... The doors have been collecting dust in the basement since then. I painted the fronts this weekend. The backs got a coat yesterday. They were lying out on the lawn soaking up the sun when the thunderstorms started. I ran out to rescue them... It was too late. Water had gotten under the paint and started to bubble. I will look at them later.

The decking on the three entry ways to our home needs to be resealed. We sealed the beautiful mahogony last year and something happened over the winter. The sealer peeled up and with all this rain -- the wood has darkened. I am heartsick every time, and I MEAN EVERY TIME, I walk out the mudroom door. Since that entry gets the most traffic and the wood needs the most work, I am leaving it for last. Yesterday I resealed the front steps, and today I will do the kitchen steps, and this weekend -- hopefully -- the mudroom steps.

I am taping the trim on the wall between the kitchen and mudroom. I sanded the plaster this past weekend, and have been waiting for the paint on the trim to cure. I have discovered there are very few things, short of inadvertantly knocking the porch off a house, that could compare with pulling the paint off a freshly painted surface. I've done it. My mouth gapes, my heart slows as I wonder if there is any more of that color left for the repair.

.... hence very little writing.


Anonymous said...

Could you come over to our house to scrape and paint our kitchen ceiling?


P.H. said...

In a word.... no.


Idiot Cook said...

Maybe you should write "The Zen of Painting"!

Hang in there's all fodder for essays! :)

DawnApril said...