Sunday, March 11, 2012

Last Day of the Season

The pan is lit as we boil down what will be the last sap of the season. The predicted warming trend will cease all flow making this the shortest season, 3 weeks in total, of our 9 years.

The party is over.


christa said...

I think it will be just about over for us too. We will probably end up with about 4 gallons of syrup when we are all done. My husband is still outside boiling... it has been a long day but it was beautiful out!

Patty Hebert said...

We are looking at maybe 2.5 gallons. As I was washing out the pan after the boil all I could think about was all the sap that pan has handled in eight years. Amazing how time flies.

Tammy Heffernan said...

bummer that the season was short. But, on the upside, there was a season -- thankful for that.

Patty Hebert said...

In the grand scheme of my crazy life it was the perfect season. Short, focused and we got about 3 gallons. So the yield was high for the amount of time we tapped the trees.

And yes, very thankful we even got a season.