Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And what would you do at Disney?

During our recent trip, I asked a cast member, what is his role as a Disney Trainer. His first comment to me was, it was my passion to work for Disney. And that presently he trains people to work several different attractions at Epcot. But his favorite job is the tip board.

I know how he feels. I want to be a person that waves on Main Street USA or maybe I could recruit Sorcerers. Basically, I want to greet people, smile, to be there to usher in the magic. But I could also be a PhotoPass Photographer. There is so much excitement in catching the right smile, that right look. But then after our Behind the Seeds tour in the Land at Epcot, I realized that having done tissue culture and other plant science techniques, that I would fit in there as well. And I would be in heaven to take care of the animals in Animal Kingdom. Shoveling out stalls, and grooming animals would be wonderful. Yeah, I could do that too.

What did that Disney Trainer share with me about his passion for Disney, he said, "I would have swept up after the horses to get a job here." Yes, I know that feeling. I think I would too.

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jeff noel said...

Sometimes, when reading posts like this one, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

Here's to hoping all your dreams come true.