Thursday, August 15, 2013

"I love my job."

This is the hallway outside of my office. See where the lights stop working? That is where the Freight Brokerage office is. Crazy I know.

I love my job. Actually I enjoy both of them, freight brokerage and being a caregiver. And as I was thinking about that today I realized that I've never had a job I didn't love. Crazy I know.

That doesn't mean there are not trying times, or times when I thought about walking, but I've been able to somehow enjoy the work in spite of those difficult days that crop up.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of talking to a few people about my previous Quality Assurance testing days. And I heard myself saying, "I really love QA. My brain is wired for problem discovery and solving." Honest and true. There was sincere excitement in my voice over testing software and being apart of an engineering team.

Crazy I know.

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