Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yesterday - photo reprise

Yesterday was awesome. My dearest friend, Boston Brain Tumor Ride partner and I had a ride scheduled, the hills of Carter Drive for 5 PM. AT 4:30PM she called. She had a migraine all day. Still wanted to ride, but the flats. During the work day the boss, who is an rabid cyclist, asked about doing Carter, and joined in our plan. So the text was sent, no Carter my dearest friend is riding ill. No hills. There was disappointment but understood.

The flats were a fine 12 mile run. We were relaxed, and loose. Her head ache abated. The text was sent to the boss, meet at the entrance to Carter. I'm riding Prajna home and then if you want we can go. Text me and I'll see the plan. The miracle: he was on the road to Carter and would wait.

The hills of Carter were excellent. My boss on his mountain bike and I on my road bike are perfectly paired. In other words, the added drag of the fatter tires and heavier bike slows him to my speed. And not only Carter but he took me up the back side of Nobscot Mountain on Brimestone. It was an awesome challenging ride. Can't wait to go again.

I am so thankful for my health. What a gift.  


jeff noel said...

Exciting how life creates moments like this one for you and your friend, and you and your boss/colleague.

Patty Hebert said...

Yes. Truly blessed.