Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It piles up outside and inside

Last Saturday's storm took us an hour to clear the driveway and cars. Yesterday's delight occupied us, all four, it's awesome having the help of the girls, three hours. It was a great night for shoveling. Not much wind, light fluffy snow, but a lot of it. Very few cars on the road and plows lifting their blades as they passed the driveway. Thank you.

If the girls didn't help I think we would still be out there. Thank you my loves.

Also I believe there is a direct correlation between the amount of snow that falls and the size of the mountain of clothes drying on the rack afterwards. Uncle Mike I wore your hand me down ski pants. Thanks, they worked great.


jeff noel said...

That's some serious snow. Hope Chris is managing ok.

Patty Hebert said...

He mans the snowblower. The girls and I shovel. It's a team effort.