Thursday, June 18, 2015

What do you see?

I've lived in this town 18 years and that whole time the rather disheveled house with two cars and a camper parked in the side yard was a constant. So much so that the bushes enveloped the vehicles. You never saw anyone on the property no matter when you walked, drove or road a bike past. Then two days ago, I had to slow as I drove past. A flatbed tow truck was pulling the camper out of the brush to take it away. And there sitting in a old lawn chair was an older woman. Actually, she is probably not too much older than I. Wearing a housecoat. Sitting, watching and waiting. And I wondered what she saw.

Did she see the removal of an eye sore, dead vehicle, rusted out shell? Or rather was it the pages turning on long past fun memories of family vacations filled with laughter over countless miles?

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Jeff Noel said...

Wow, great paradox. Love it.