Friday, September 18, 2015

Doubt and Fear

Rode my bike the 14 miles to poker last night. My legs were still not 100 percent after last Saturday's 80 mile jaunt. Putting fear and doubt in my mind. Tomorrow I'm riding in Vermont/New York. Seventy miles, at least, that is the plan. And next weekend over 100 up Pack Monadnock. Will my legs last? Will I let the fear and doubt derail my plans? Breathe. Listen to the knee. Be. Brave.

And for poker... I joined the league my husband plays in. It gives us more time together. Last night I won the ice breaker game called the turbo. First win ever... Placed 11th in the first official game of the night and lasted until after midnight to come in second in the second game. Seriously, who knew.

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