Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Gifts of Silver Linings

Long day yesterday.   Ride time came and I dragged to the bike.  Pan Mass Challenge.   Cancer patients don't have easy choices, no time for me to be a slacker.  

Ride review:  first time I truly nearly got whacked by a driver not paying attention.  I yelled and scared them.  Well they scared me first!  Afterwards I thought, I'm too young to die.  Silly thought. Cancer fighters die each day much younger than I.

Saw a huge turkey.  Always exciting. 

Got a bit further from home at dusk.  Thankful I have a headlight. 

Got caught in the rain.  Despite the thunder, it was a great ride.  Muddy and soaked I returned home safely.

Help me wipe out cancer.
Thank you,


jeff noel said...

You've come such a long way. Congrats on sticking it out.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully your guardian angel was paying attention!