Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ready and Waiting

I hadn't mounted Babe since the Pan Mass Challenge.  Choosing to ride my other, my first road bike, Ruby.  But it's getting darker in the mornings.  The schedule does not permit long lovely AM rides, so it is back to the garage on weekdays.  Back to Babe, who hung patiently waiting for her turn to serve.  

She is an important part of the winter riding routine.  Braced in the trainer we will work together to prepare for the PMC2017 and she will be my faithful ride for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride in May. 

Can you have a therapy bike? Or in my fortunate situation, two?  I spend so much time alone with them.  Thinking and planning.  

Help me wipe out cancer. http://profile.pmc.org/PH0134
Thank you,

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