Wednesday, November 07, 2012

It is by receiving that we can then give

Out picking up supplies to make care packages for sister Girl Scouts in the NY/NJ area hit by Sandy, the phrase, It is in giving that we receive, was running through my head. That and the fact that Saint Pope Pius X (One of my heroes) would comment something to the effect, "God is great. I give 1 million dollars away in the morning and two million walks through my door in the afternoon."

And then it dawned on me, I have this backwards. For it is in Receiving that we are able to Give. It is in receiving God's greatest gift -- His Grace -- that we are able to see our ultimate purpose here on Earth.

Pope Pius X was the first pope to push for receiving the Eucharist more than once or twice a year. He also lowered the age of receiving First Communion to 7 years.

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