Monday, January 13, 2014


We love, defend and protect our children. That's what being a parent is. Something happened this weekend that rocked our corner of the world. Something where I was accused of being a snitch. As an adult I shook it off. Chuckled at the source and in a discussion with my teen proposed my accusers got caught. It was easy for them to finger me. They are angry but we all know I wasn't involved. BUT if I saw them, yes I would have acted; because that is what adults do.

But even bigger was my daughter's reaction. A text back to her friend. Defending and protecting me as if she is the mother bear. Such an act of love from a teen is tsunami-sized eye opening. World shifting.


jeff noel said...


Feels weird to say that for something like what happened.

And yet, these moments are perhaps the biggest ones in our lives.

Relish this. Bask in it. Know all your hard work has had terrific impact.

And always remember, today is simply another day to be the example.

Well done.

Patty Hebert said...

We move forward each day, in love.