Monday, February 15, 2016

Kindness is King

We are in the happiest place on earth. Where tired children run into frustrated adults. And as I walk about the parent of teens. I see and hear a multitude of other parents with their younger children. And I smile.  Been there. Done that. Learned from that. Enjoyed that.

What I learned was Kindness in Key and King and of course Queen. Kind, loving, firm, direct, corrections get the best results out of children. Whereas the screaming, and threatening, when a parent is at their wits end, might have a quick response, but it's not lasting. 

I have seen it with my own girls. Screaming and scolding might release frustration, but it doesn't build up the trust and love required for those tough teen years.  I do love my teens. Today, I witnessed a dad, frustrated and tired, yelling at his child to remove something from their mouth. The child removed it, then walked away ten feet and put it back in. The dad's screaming started in again. The toy, now beyond arms length, was never removed.  Interesting.

It takes a whole lot more strength and resolve to be kind in frustrated situations, rather than give into the urge to scream and yell.

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