Sunday, November 08, 2009

Bugaboo Creek

I believe we have eaten our last meal at Bugaboo Creek.

After raking and teaching a lovely group of Brownies how to knit, I decided to "pull myself some slack" (a saying from the littlest one), and have us go out for dinner. The email delivered a Bugaboo coupon so off we went.

My litany:
The food was too salty.
They sat us at a table that had one of those obnoxious lights that would periodically shine. If there had been a talking animal to go with it, I probably wouldn't mind. But all that happened was the scowl on my husband's face creased deeper.
The noise was deafening.
My children are no longer part of that noise. My children were very well behaved and didn't even need parental help coloring or with the word search. Darn!

The ambiance was so horrid, before the girls finished their dessert I walked out to the car to wait.

When I mentioned going out to dinner, the girls mentioned the Melting Pot. I laughed at them, yeah right. I should have listened.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I voluntered with my dauther's music department raising money. I did it last year and we had fun. Raking yards for others that paid us. We had three groups of 20 kids and had 9 yards to do. Each group did three yards and when finished went to help others that needed help. We started at 8 AM and completed at 1 PM. It was a nice time until I got home. One more yard to do, Mine.... No kids where here to help. I got about an eighth of the yard done until it was time to pick up the oldest from set construction (her second obligation for the day) and then go to church.
I like you was tired, sore cranky and well just had enough. I knew if the dinner was cooked by others I would still have to clean. So out to dinner we went too! But instead of a steak place, we went to the Olive Garden. We had unlimited soup and salad for 10 bucks. other than being a little salty, loud, busy and crowded. It was all good because when I came home I got to go straight to bed, after I made it.

Some times, we live in parallel universes. Yet the world still revolves.
God Bless you at the start of a new day (If like me three hours old already)

P.H. said...

Hey, I went straight to bed too!

kris said...

I hate Bugaboo Creek.