Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally, time to write...

or at least blog... Really, is blogging real writing? I guess it is, since I transcribe the electrical impulses that ricochet about the old grey matter.

Sometimes good days are the result of bad. Yesterday was excellent. Over a late dinner the eldest was helping with middle school Spanish, while I was assisting on an elementary school mystery book report. Later the little ones in bed, the Spanish tutor and I reread her latest English lit. paper together. I love editing, and I love learning about what I am reading.

I have learned so much the year. Honestly, I can't wait until the next History exam, as I enjoyed so much getting a better handle on the Spanish American War. When the big they say history repeats itself, they were not lying. The ground troops might change generational but that same (IMHO) bad decisions keep being made over and over again. Will we ever give Peace A Chance?

It's so nice to be up in the quiet of the day. Knowing the crazy pace of life won't commence for another few hours.

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