Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wonder if time stamps carry any weight?

Last night, well early this morning, I couldn't sleep so I fired off a letter to one of my children's school administrators and several staff. As I hit the send key at 5:18 I wondered if anyone on the receiving end would realize I had been up half the night composing this missive and would it mean anything. Insomnia? Passion on the subject matter? Stupid mother with nothing better to do?

I got a well thought out reply at 5:46. I guess I'm not the only one up and thoughtful at that time of the day.

Now let's hope for follow through.


Anonymous said...

For some, it depends on who is doing the measuring and then on the content.


MamaDee said...

hope everything's ok with the school issue you are being passionate about... your girls ok?
hope so!

P.H. said...

It's one of those things...

On a brighter note we have a birthday gift for the princess. Can't wait to see you guys to pass it on.